OnRamp's Android App

The OnRamp Android App allows you to transform any Android device with a wireless connection to your network into a scanner that you can use to:

The OnRamp app can be downloaded for free by scanning a QR code from within OnRamp.

When you use the app on a barcode scanner, all the text inputs within the app can, instead, be scanned with the scanner. The scan will auto-fill the text field with the scanned content.

Navigating the App

To navigate within the app:

  • Click the button from the home page or swipe left-to-right from any screen to open the menu
  • Click or select the buttons to open or action a screen

  • Click or select the button to open menus

  • Click the button in the screen title to revert to the main screen

  • Press the Scan button on your scanner to scan items while in a screen

  • Click or select the button to refresh a field

Updating the App

If you have Check for Updates set to ON, your device will automatically check for an updated version of the app whenever you sign in to your server.

When a new update is available, you will be prompted with a request to update your app when you sign in. Click OK to update.

To force the app to check for an update:

  1. On the Settings screen, update your Username with an incorrect sign in. For example, delete the last character on your username.
  2. Exit the Settings screen to sign out.
  3. Return to the Settings screen and correct information the sign in information.


All part scans are recorded to the database and can be reviewed on Universal Log Inquiry [S4043]. The data logged includes:

  • The type of scan performed

  • The time and date of the scan

  • The user name

  • What items were scanned

  • If the scan passed or failed, i.e. if the items scanned in S2 and S3 were the same