You can mark any folder, sub-folder, screen, or report in OnRamp as a favorite. This allows you to quickly access the folders, screens, and reports you most commonly visit quickly and efficiently.

You can also create your own folders and sub-folders to better organize your favorites folder.

Other functionality on the favorites folder include:

  • Sort your favorites by dragging and dropping the screens, reports, and folders. To do this:

    1. Right-click on Menu Item Description and select Enter Drag Mode.

    2. Click and hold the area to the left of the screen/ report icon, i.e. the ... trail leading to the icon.

    3. Drag the item to the right and to the desired location.

    4. Drop the item on the purple line to select where to move the item.

    5. When done, right-click on Menu Item Description and select Exit Drag Mode.

  • By right-clicking on a favorites folder, you can select to open all the items within the folder.