Navigating screens

Use screens to add, update, and view data in OnRamp. Screens are made up of the following sections and elements:

  • Frames - OnRamp screens are composed of frames. Some screens have one frame, most have two, a few have three. When a screen has more than one frame, the first frame, the header frame, is the frame that includes the record number and description and the sub-frames, the detail frames, include detailed information related to the record. The screen task bar, detailed below, actions the currently active frame.

    The currently active frame will feature a white background while the inactive frame has a light blue background.

  • Drop-down menus - Click the drop-down arrow to open a list of selectable records. Click on the desired record in the drop-down menu to select it.

  • Fields - View, edit, or add information regarding the record.

  • Tabs - Where available, select the different tabs to enter more information relating to the record.

Please note the following functionality for OnRamp screens:

  • Click on a field and press F1 on your keyboard to view the field ID.

  • The Shortcuts drop-down allows you to setup and use shortcuts to launch screens often used in tandem with the selected screen.

  • White fields cannot be edited.

  • Search fields feature active smart search. As you type, the explorer window will display items with a title that match what you typed.

  • When adding or updating field data, do not use special characters such as: space, comma, period, semi-colon, asterisk (*), at (@), or slash (/). The underscore character (_) is acceptable.

  • An underlined field name indicates a shortcut. To view or update the field, double-click on the field to open the respective screen.

  • Accessing a field containing a file name will open the file picker screen.

  • Click the date picker to update fields used to store the date.

  • Screens can have multiple sections, or frames. For example, Customer Master [S1092] contains two frames titled Customer Master and Contacts.

    • The active frame has a white background and the inactive frame has a light blue background. Inactive frames cannot be edited until they are selected. Click anywhere within the frame to select it.

    • The upper frame displays overview details related to the information displayed in the lower frame.

The screen task bar

The screen task bar is displayed at the bottom of all OnRamp screens.

The task bar has a search box and buttons to Browse, Edit, Add, Copy, Delete, and Print the screen. The toolbar also has Save, Cancel, and Chat buttons.

The search box allows you to search for specific fields on the screen and hides the other fields from view. If the screen has tabs, OnRamp highlights the tabs that include the search results.

The task bar allows you to access the four action modes in OnRamp: Browse, Edit, Add, and Delete. To enter a different mode, click the appropriate button:

  • Browse mode - allows you to view data but you cannot make changes:

    • Browse mode is the default mode when launching a screen.

    • Certain buttons can only be selected while in Browse mode.

    • In Browse mode, selectable fields have a light green background.

  • Edit mode - allows you to edit data:

    • Select the desired frame and record, then click Edit.

    • In Edit mode, editable fields have a light green background.

    • Fields that have been edited, but not saved, have a light blue background.

    • Fields with invalid data have a red background.

    • Click Save to save or Cancel to discard any changes.

  • Add mode - allows you to add new records:

    • Select the desired frame before clicking Add.

    • In Add mode, required fields have a red background and light green fields are optional.

    • Fields that are populated with a default value, but not saved, have a light blue background.

    • Click Save to save or Cancel to discard any changes.

  • Delete mode - allows you to delete records:

    • Select the desired frame and record, then click Delete.

    • To delete multiple records from a grid, hold down Ctrl and select the desired records.

    • Click Save to save or Cancel to discard any changes.

    • OnRamp ERP will delete the records in the selected order, validating each record. If a record cannot be deleted, due to child records being associated, OnRamp will stop the delete process and list the deleted records along with the reason why the process stopped.

The task bar works on the active frame. If certain modes are unavailable to that frame, the buttons will be unavailable. You can see what modes are available by the color of the buttons:

  • Dark blue is the currently active mode

  • Medium blue is available for selection

  • Light blue is unavailable for selection