Install the OnRamp portal

Once your OnRamp ERPClosed Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a method to plan for what resources the enterprise will require to ensure customers are supplied. It has been become synonymous with the ERP software suite which is used to help you better manage your enterprise resources. system is set up, we recommend installing the portal on all workstations.

To install the OnRamp portal:

  1. On your workstation, open a new browser window.

  2. Navigate to

  3. Click .

  4. Run the downloaded setup.exe file as Administrator.

    Tip: By default, the file will be saved to your workstation in the Downloads folder.

  5. In the OnRamp Install Wizard screen, click Next and Accept as required.


You have installed the OnRamp portal. You can launch the OnRamp Portal by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop.