Manage Files Associated to an Item

Use the file picker in OnRamp to manage the files that have been associated to an item.

To add, replace, rename, move, or delete a file attached to an item:

  1. Navigate to the desired screen and item.

  2. To modify the file attached to an existing item, click Edit.

  3. Click . The File Picker screen will appear.

  4. Select the desired File Picker Mode: New, Replace, Move / Rename, or Delete.

  5. Select the directory.

  6. Under Choose File, select the location and the file.

    Tip: You can drag and drop your files onto the Drop File Here.

  7. Under Save As, enter the name.

  8. If desired, select Delete Source File. This means the file will not be stored in this window.

  9. Click Save.


You have updated the files related to that item.


  • Select From Scanner or From Camera to add a file from a device.

  • Files that can be edited before uploading will display the Enter Edit Mode button. You can:

    • Change the orientation (Portrait or Landscape).

    • Change the size (Small, Medium, or Large). Click Resize the Above to apply the changes.

    • Adjust the brightness.

    • Click Save Change to Picture to save.