Modify User Information and Preferences

Use the User Info and Preferences screen to update basic user details and user device detail information.

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To modify your user information and preferences:

  1. Navigate to the User Options and Preferences [S2065] screen.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Update the desired fields.

  4. Click Save.


You have updated your information and preferences.

To update your print device preferences:

  1. On User Options and Preferences, select the User Devices frame.

  2. For the listed devices, click on the device row in the desired column to select it.


  • Once your employee ID record has been added into OnRamp, use the Employee ID field to sync your user ID to the employee ID.

  • To set a default translation language, set the Translation Lang field.

  • Syncing your user ID helps you avoid having to select the employee record when entering data on certain screens, like Work Order Reporting by Work Center [S2517].

  • If this profile should have access to create requisitions or production purchase orders, set Is Buyer to Yes.

  • To avoid printing a hard copy, use the OR_SAVE_TO_FILE and OR_ZEBRA_TO_PDF to print to a PDF file.

  • Printing to PDF will create a new document for each item sent to print. For example, if you select to print 3 work orders, this will create 3 PDF files.