Print Labels to PDF

Use the OnRamp OR_ZPL_TO_PDF device to print your OnRamp Zebra labels to PDF.


Before printing labels to PDF, you require:

  • EXPERIMENTAL_LABELS_TO_PDF business factor set to Yes, edited on screen 1824

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To print zebra labels to PDF:

  1. Navigate to the User Options and Preferences [S2065] screen.

  2. On the User Devices frame, select OR_ZEBRA_TO_PDF.

  3. On the screen task bar, click Edit.

  4. Select the Zebra column.

  5. Click Save.


You have setup OnRamp to allow you to print Zebra labels to PDF.


  • This only works for label IDs that start with the OR_ prefix. If the label you want to print does not have this prefix, contact OnRamp Support to update the label.

  • If the OR_ZPL_TO_PDF is not available on the User Devices frame, install the latest version of the OnRamp Portal.