Add the Backflush inventory location If desired, add assembly codes Add all component parts and the parent part that will be used on the BOM Finally, navigate to Bill of Material Master and create the BOM

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials, or BOMClosed A bill of material, or BOM, is a list of parts required to build another part., also known as the formula, recipe, or ingredients list, is a list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. A BOM displays the parent-child relationships that make up a part and is required to get a part into production.

OnRamp ERPClosed Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a method to plan for what resources the enterprise will require to ensure customers are supplied. It has been become synonymous with the ERP software suite which is used to help you better manage your enterprise resources. allows you to add vendor parts and manufactured parts to your BOM.

The Bill of Material Master screen, where all BOM are inputted, can be accessed:

  • By navigating to it in the Menu under Engineering > Product > Bill of Materials,

  • Or by searching for Bill of Material or S1000.

BOM Setup Workflow

Before setting up a BOM for a part, enter data on the following screens:

All engineering data may require data from the following screens:

  • Local Codes [S1502] - Used for various fields throughout OnRamp.

  • Employee Master [S1722] - Used for sales, planning, labor, and other fields.

  • Customer Master [S1092] - Used for sales related information.

  • Vendor Master [S1094] - Used for sub-contract, shipping, purchasing, and other fields.

Using a Bill of Materials

Once you have your parts and work centers added, you can create a bill of materials to set up your production lines, while keeping track of your inventory and cost.


You can also run multiple reports on your BOM, including checking inventory, cost, view a list of parts to purchase based on active BOMs that have part requests and review the BOM and Routing Detail cycle times.