Manage Work Instructions

Use the Work Instructions Group [S2837] screen to add, edit, copy, or delete work instruction groups and instructions for that group.


Before adding the work instruction, you require:

  • Part Routing, Work Center, or Maintenance steps

  • PowerPoint file added in screen 2813

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Step 1 - Add work instruction groups:

  1. Navigate to the Work Instructions Group [S2837] screen.

  2. On the screen task bar, click Add.

  3. Enter the desired information.

  4. Click Save.

Step 2 - Add work instructions:

  1. On Work Instructions Group [S2837], select the instruction group.

  2. Click on the Group Instructions frame.

  3. On the screen task bar, click Add.

  4. Enter the desired information.

  5. Click Save.


You have added group work instructions. You can now assign the work instruction on S1019 for the work center, S1014 to set the work instructions to display at the work center where a part is routed to, or S1161 for maintenance instructions.


  • To action a previously created item, select the item and click the desired mode: Edit, Copy, or Delete.

  • Double click on the PP Pres ID field to launch the Powerpoint Manager [S2813] screen. Use this screen to add a presentation detailing the work instructions.

  • Each work instruction group can only be applied to one part.