Manage Work Centers

Use the Work Center Master [S1019] screen to add, edit, copy, or delete work centers and associated details.


There are no prerequisites for adding a work center.

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To add work centers:

  1. Navigate to the Work Center Master [S1019] screen.

  2. On the screen task bar, click Add.

  3. Enter the desired information.

  4. If required, select the different tabs to enter more information related to the work center.

  5. Click Save.


You have created a work center. Next, add the parts and routing detail.


  • To action a previously created item, select the item and click the desired mode: Edit, Copy, or Delete.

  • To archive items that are no longer in use:

    • In the Archive field, select D

    • In the Status field, select Inactive

  • For information on the difference between green, blue, and red fields, see Navigating screens.

  • Use Queue Time to set how long a part waits to be processed at the work center in days. This value is overridden by the Queue Lead Time on the part routing detail.

  • To restrict which users or groups can report on a work center, use the Exclusive Reporting Personnel tab.

  • Use the Shop Alert Group field to add a work center to an alert group. You can then subscribe users to the group, which will forward notifications. For more information on notifications, see Notifications.

  • On the Reports tab, use the Pre-Start Health and Safety Documents frame to add Health and Safety documents with the OnRamp file picker.

  • On the Scheduling tab:

    • To update the amount of time it takes to switch groups, use the First Plate Delay Time, which is set in minutes.

    • To update the amount of time it takes to load and unload plates, use the Sched Delay Per Plate, which is set in minutes.

    • To update the time it takes to cut, use the Cut Speed Factor field, which is a time multiplier. For example, a value of two means that the process will be completed 2 times faster than the time set in part routing.

    • If the work center has a unique capability, like a 5ft wide bed to cut sheet metal, select the value from the Special Capability field. This way, when scheduling work for parts that need the special capability, only work centers with the capability selected can be used.

  • You can take pictures of work centers with OnRamp's Android App.