Email Expense Claims

Attach copies of expense receipts, like picture or PDF files, to an email and send them to the OnRamp expense claim service. OnRamp will create a pending claim record for each attachment. You can then update the record with the correct date, description, type, mileage, and amount on Pending Expense Claims [S4245] screen.


Before emailing your receipts, you require:

  • User Options > Email. Your email must be added to your user ID account on User Options screen 2065.

  • Expense Email Account. Your administrator must set up an email account for the expense service.

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Step 1 - Email expense claims:

  1. If required, create a digital copy of the receipt(s) via camera or scanner.

  2. Attach the copy of the receipt(s) (image or PDF file) to an email.

  3. Email the attachments to your expense claim service email account.

Step 2 - Complete expense claims:

  1. Navigate to the Pending Expense Claims [S4245] screen.

  2. Enter the Employee ID.

  3. Select the pending expense record and, on the screen task bar, click Edit.

  4. Update the required information: Date, Type, Description, Mileage, and Amount.

  5. Click Save.


You have added an expense claim. Next, use the Expense Claim Form [S2135] screen to load the claim to a form and submit it for approval.


  • Allow up to 10 minutes after emailing the OnRamp expense claims service before the pending claims can be seen on screen 4245.

  • If OnRamp cannot find your email address associated to a user account, you will get a rejection email. Under the User Options screen, confirm that the email listed on Email is the same as the one you are using to email the expense claim service.

  • The date on the record will be the date that the email is sent.

  • You can review and change the file attached to an expense claim. To do this, click to launch the File Picker app.

  • To action a previously created item, select the item and click the desired mode: Edit, Copy, or Delete.