Cost Centers

You can get a better view and control of your financial results with cost centers. OnRamp allows you to assign cost centers to different work centers and commodity codes. The commodity codes are then assigned to parts.

Assigning cost centers allows you to split the cost to make the part between the assigned centers so you have an exact idea of how your expenses are spread. It also helps you determine the profitability of the cost center.

Cost Center Setup

To use the cost centers to better calculate your expenses:

  1. On Cost Center Maintenance [S2001], add the cost center.

  2. On Work Center Master [S1019], add cost centers to your work centers to ensure the Labor and Overhead and other costs are calculated when invoicing the sold parts.

  3. Use Commodity Code Master [S1024] to assign cost centers to commodity codes.

  4. Assign the commodity codes to parts on Part Master [S1009].

  5. On Price List by Part [S1143] > Cost Center tab, add the price per cost center.

  6. When issuing the customer invoice, it will break down the cost assigned per center on the Invoice Detail by Cost Center tab. OnRamp will split the cost per cost center and the income by GL account.