Perform Audit

Use the Perform Audit [S1667] screen to perform an audit assigned to you by generating the spreadsheet, entering the results, and assigning the required corrective actions.


Before performing an audit, you require: 

  • A General added on S1216

  • An audit schedule added on S1217

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To perform an audit:

  1. Navigate to the Perform Audit [S1667] screen.

  2. Select the Audit Code, Reviewer, and Audit ID.

  3. Click Gen Audit SS. This will launch Excel.

  4. On the Summary tab, update the blue fields.

  5. On the Audit tab, review each question and assign a score in column C.

  6. If a review is required, enter the name of the person or department in column M along with a comment in column N.

  7. Once all the scores and comments have been entered, click .

  8. In OnRamp, click Save Open SS.


You have updated the audit. If the audit is complete, click Finalize Audit. Corrective actions suggested during the audit are viewed on S3006.


  • You can work on the spreadsheet locally then upload the completed audit into OnRamp.

  • To print the complete audit in Excel, select File > Print > Print Entire Workbook.