General Audits in OnRamp

A general audit is a non-layered audit of a part, process, or area. Each audit is divided into groups, and each group consists of a series of questions.

OnRamp features the capability to perform general audits of processes to ensure that you are compliant with standards. These audits are usually performed at set intervals during the year.


Start off by adding the general audits into OnRamp and assigning the audit detail, which is the tasks that must be done (or questions that must be answered) to complete the audit. Once that is complete, you can schedule the audits.

General Audits are setup on two screens:

  • Audit Master [S1216] is used to set up the audits and audit detail.

  • Audit Scheduling & History [S1217] is used to schedule the general audits.

Perform Audit

Once the setup is complete, uses the Perform Audit [S1667] screen to perform the audit.

Audits can then be reviewed and corrected on:

  • Audit Review Corrective Actions [S3005] and

  • Audit Review by Responsible Person [S3006]

General Audit Reporting

The following are the most frequently used screens for audit reporting:

  • Pending Audits [R4305]displays a list of all scheduled audits.
  • Audit Review [R4346] displays a list of all outstanding audit issues.