Layered Process Audits

Process audits review internal departmental processes to establish the department’s conformance with registered standards and practices and to apply any required corrections to ensure standards are met. These audits can be further broken down into layered process audits, or LPAs, which can be applied at multiple levels of your organization from the operator supervisor to your C suite.

This way, you can break down certain audit tasks into small tasks and assign them at various levels of your organization. These small tasks, or layered process audits, are scheduled to have a regular recurrence to ensure that your teams are complying with your established processes.

Layered process audits are different from general audits in that a layered process audit is an assigned task that can be checked quickly, whereas a general audit is a series of tasks that must be performed to verify that a process is still in compliance.


Set up the layered process audit structure in OnRamp to add process audit ownership.

Layered Process Audits are setup on two screens:

  • Layered Audit Codes [S1728] is used to set up the process audit management codes, maximum number of audits, parent / child (or layer) relationship with other audits and audit frequency.

  • Layered Audit Lists [S1729] is used to create new layered audits where you can assign critical codes to processes and associate a general audit, if required.

Once the setup is complete, navigate to Run Layered Audit [S1733] to build the list of process audits that will then be assigned to the respective positions.

Perform Audit

As the process audit should be a quick yes/no or pass/fail type of task, you can quickly record the result of the audit on either of the following two screens:

  • Layered Audits Working Lists by Position [S1741] is used to enter the results of a layered process audit that is not linked to a general audit.

  • Use Perform Layered Audit [S3007] is used to enter the results of the audit if it is linked to a general audit.

Layered Process Audit Reporting

You can review what audits are assigned to your position on:

  • Layered Audits Working Lists by Position [S1741]

  • Layered Audits by Position [R3000]