Perform Layered Process Audit

Use the Layered Audits Working Lists by Position [S1741] screen to perform your assigned layered process auditsClosed Layered process audit, or LPA, is a quality technique that focuses on observing and validating how products are made, rather than inspecting finished products. LPAs are not confined to the Quality Department, but involve all employees in the auditing process..


Before performing layered audits, add the audits on S1729.

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To perform a process audit:

  1. Navigate to the Layered Audits Working Lists by Position [S1741] screen.

  2. Select the desired Management Position.

  3. Review the General Audit field. If a general audit is attached to this layered process audit, click Go To Perform Audit. You can skip the following steps and perform the steps listed on Process audits attached to general audits.

  4. Review the Description and perform the stated task.

  5. Once the task is complete, on the screen task bar, click Edit.

  6. Update the Result and, if required, enter any Failure Code or Comments.

  7. Click Save.


You have performed the layered process audit.

Process audits attached to general audits

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For layered process audits attached to a general audit:

  1. Navigate to the Perform Layered Audit [S3007] screen.

    If you clicked Go To Perform Audit on step 3 above, the screen will already be open.

  2. Select the Reviewer.

  3. Select the desired audit.

  4. Click Load Audit.

  5. In Excel, update the audit and save the file when complete. For more information on completing the audit, see Perform Audit.

  6. In OnRamp, on Perform Layered Audit [S3007], click Save Audit.

    The audit score will be compared to the minimum score set up on Layered Audit Lists [S1729], and the audit will update to a Pass or Fail code based on the result.

  7. (Optional) Enter any required Failure Code or Comments.
  8. Click Finalize Audit.


The audit is complete and finalized.


  • Use the New Internal Ticket button to launch the Create Internal Ticket [S2607] screen to report internal issues.
  • To ensure that all upcoming and due process audits are listed, navigate to Run Layered Audit [S1733] and click the Run Layered Audit button to build the list of process audits.

  • If the audit was performed offline, under U\L File, use the to launch the File Picker app and then click Save U\L File. For more information, see Upload Audits From Local Files.

  • To reverse a finalized audit, select the audit and click Reverse Finalize.