Setup the Form Labeling Tool

To recognize text on received PDF files, the FLTOOL, or form labeling tool, must be set up and connected to OnRamp in a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

Note: The factor values discussed here can be found on the Business Info [S1824] screen in OnRamp by searching for the factors containing OCR.

To setup FLTOOL:

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Enter the FLTOOL URL:

  3. Click the to create a new connection.

  4. On the Display name field, enter the OCR_STORAGE_CONTAINER factor value.

  5. If desired, enter a Description.

  6. On the SAS URI field, enter followed by the OCR_STORAGE_CONTAINER and OCR_STORAGE_SAS factor values.

    For example: If your OCR_STORAGE_CONTAINER is abcdocs and your OCR_STORAGE_SAS is ?sv=12302340987dfs, then your SAS URI will be

  7. Click Save Connection.

  8. Click the to open the Application Settings screen.

  9. On the Name field, enter the OCR_STORAGE_CONTAINER factor value.

  10. On the Key field, enter the OCR_SEC_TOKEN factor value.

  11. Click Save Settings.


You have set up the FLTOOL.