Form Recognition Factors

Once your IT team sets up the location where received files are stored, use the Business Info [S1824] screen to update the following factors to activate and use the form recognition tool.

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To change the form recognition factors:

  1. Navigate to the Business Info [S1824] screen.

  2. In the Search bar, type in OCR.

  3. Select the factor.

  4. On the screen task bar, click Edit.

  5. In the Value field, enter the file location.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Repeat steps 3 - 6, with each of the remaining factors:

    • OCR_STORAGE_CONTAINER, OCR_SEC_TOKEN, OCR_STORAGE_KEY must be updated with the values provided to you by OnRamp.

    • OCR_NETWORK_LOC and OCR_SWO_NETWORK_LOC must be updated with the value provided by your IT department.


With the factors set, your next step in the form recognition process is labelling the form fields.


  • If you do not know what to enter for the factors, contact OnRamp for more information.