Manage Scanned Work Orders

Use the Manage Scanned WO Files [S4265] screen to edit, view, and process scanned work orders.


Before scanning work orders, you require:

  • Scanned work order folder, added on screen 1824 with the factor OCR_SWO_NETWORK_LOC. The value must be a network folder that is available to OnRamp and set up by your IT department. This is where the scanned files will be received.

Note: Scanned Work Orders do not require a form model.

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To view scanned files:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Scanned WO Files [S4265] screen.

  2. If desired, set the Due Date and Complete filters, or search for the work order.

  3. Select the work order.

  4. In the Scanned WO File column, click to launch the File Picker app.


You have viewed the scanned work order. Click Process Scanned Work Order Files to import the scanned data into OnRamp.


  • To view the form recognition logs, click View Form Recognition Logs.