Submit Support Requests

Use the Submit OnRamp Support Ticket screen to create and submit issues and requests to OnRamp Solutions.

NoteOnRamp issues are issues that are caused by an issue in OnRamp. For creating issues related to your plant, see Create Internal Tickets.

Warning: Tickets that are lacking in information may be rejected until more information is provided.

To submit a support ticket to OnRamp Solutions:

  1. On the home menu, click Help > Submit Support Ticket.

  2. Enter the relevant information:

    • Type: Is this an issue in the system (System Issue) or a request for a new feature (Feature Request)?

    • Title: Enter a summary of the support ticket. To improve your feedback, enter a summary with some detail.

    • Priority: Select the priority for the issue.

    • Screen/Report: Select the screen, report, and record affected.

    • Description: Enter a detailed description of the issue or feature request. The more information you include in your ticket, the faster we can resolve it. For issues, include the click path (what you clicked on or typed that made the issue appear).

    • File: Attach any relevant files or screen captures.

      Tips to ensure your tickets are resolved quickly and efficiently:

      • Add detailed steps taken to replicate an issue, including what screen and what field you were using when the error appeared

      • Add screen captures of the screen and error received

      • Add documents that created an error while uploading

      • Promptly reply to our attempts to contact you

      • Add business reasons why we should consider your request

  3. Click Submit.


You have submitted a support ticket to OnRamp.


  • On the Review OnRamp Support Tickets [S2391] screen, you can edit and delete submitted issues with the screen task bar.

  • You can drag and drop in multiple files into the Additional Attachments area.