Move Inventory

Use the Inventory Move [S1155] screen to move inventory from one warehouse location to another.

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To move inventory:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Move [S1155] screen.

  2. Select the desired Part.

  3. Select the desired Source Location.

  4. Enter the desired information.

  5. Click Move Inventory.


You have recorded in OnRamp that the inventory quantity has been moved to the new location.


  • You can move inventory with OnRamp's Android App.

  • Screens Inventory Move - Move Oldest Inventory to Point of Use Location [S2329] and Inventory Move - Entire QOH/All Lots of a Part [S2262] function in the same way as Inventory Move [S1155], with exception to the functionality detailed in the screen title: 

    • S2329 moves the oldest inventory in stock to the Point-of-Use location set on the Part Master > Inventory > Point of Use Location field.

    • S2262 moves all the inventory of a part, including Quantity-on-Hand, to the specified location.

  • Once the move is complete, you can print labels with the new information to attach to the moved inventory by clicking the Print Label button.

  • The Inventory Move action does not update the part default location. To update the default location for the part, navigate to Part Master > Inventory and update the Default Location field. For more information, see Manage Parts.

  • To move inventory out of stock, use the Unplanned Issue [S1613] screen.
  • For Quantity-on-Hand corrections with no received order, use the Unplanned Receipt [S1614] screen.