Use the Run DCP [S2376] screen to run the detailed capacity planner.

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To run DCP:

  1. Navigate to the Run DCP [S2376] screen.

  2. Select the desired Type and DCP Version.

  3. Enter the desired value in Period Forward.
  4. Click Run DCP. This launches the DCP_FACTORS file in Excel with a tab for each input factor for the set period forward. For more information on the DCP Excel file, see DCP Information.

  5. Enter the desired information.

  6. In Excel, click to Save the spreadsheet.
  7. In OnRamp, on the Run DCP screen, click Update Factors.


You have run DCP and updated the DCP group factors in OnRamp.


  • If you are working on a spreadsheet outside of OnRamp, on Run DCP, click Upload to add the file with the File Picker, and then click Update Factors From Local File.

  • Input cells on the DCP Excel file have are colored green.