View MRP Schedules

Use the Review MRPClosed Material requirements planning (MRP) is a production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. Schedule by Part [S1214] screen to:

  • Run the MRP for all the parts in OnRamp

  • View the MRP schedule for each part

  • View the MRP schedule for each part in the parent part bill of materials

  • View the part settings relevant to schedule planning

  • View the part inventory

  • View part sales orders

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To view the MRP:

  1. Navigate to the Review MRP Schedule by Part [S1214] screen.

  2. Select the desired Part.

  3. Based on the date and time stamp seen on the Last MRP field, click Run MRP.


You are viewing the part MRP schedule.


  • To ensure the most accurate suggested orders are available, run MRP if any sales order, purchase order, or work order is processed after the Last MRP date and time stamp.

  • The BOM and Where Used tabs will display the MRP schedule for any child or parent parts, respectively.

  • The Review MRP Schedule by Part screen is a read-only screen. Changes to fields on the various tabs should be done on the respective screens. For example: Changes to information on the Planning tab is performed on Part Master [S1009] > Planning tab.

  • If there will not be enough parts in supply to meet demand, a negative value is displayed in the Projected column for that date.