DCP Information

The following information is related to the DCP Excel file:

  • The LOAD_DEMAND tab is the demand created based on MRP requirements. This tab lists the number of standard hours required each period for each DCP group. The number of standard hours is calculated based on the MRP demand quantity multiplied by the standard time entered on the part routing operation detail.

  • Correct LOAD_DEMAND inaccuracies on the ADJUST_DEMAND tab.

  • The DEMAND tab displays the sum of the LOAD_DEMAND tab plus the ADJUST_DEMAND tab.

  • Standard Hours Supply is calculated based on the following factors:

    • Manpower - The MANPOWER tab reflects the number of staff working in a group, or the target number or staff.

      Note: If you have staff working two groups, the group work staff may display as a decimal. For example, if a staff member work 4 hours on group A and 4 on group B, then they will appear as a 0.5 for each of those groups.

    • Percentage Overtime - The PERCENTOT tab displays the amount of overtime the group staff are willing and able to work as a percentage of the number of hours per shift. For example, employees willing to work 10 hours on an 8 hour shift would translate to 25% overtime.

    • Productivity - The STDHRSPERMAN tab shows the average productivity of each staff in the group. A standard hour or earned hour is the actual productive value this person adds. For example, if the routing states that it takes 1 hour to complete part A and staff completes 5 pieces in an 8 hour shift, they have earned 5 hours.

      Note: Time entered on the routing detail does not normally include time for tasks like loading and unloading of parts, reviewing the work order, or paid breaks. Because of this, productivity is rarely 100%.

    • Productivity Improvements - The PERCENTPRODIMP tab accounts for continuous improvement projects geared to increase the standard hours per man. This number may also be a negative number. For example, if a senior employee is training a new hire, their productivity value would temporarily be lower until the new hire is trained. Productivity improvements are tracked based on the values on CALSUPPLY and SUPPLYMINUSDEMAND.

      Note: Value changes in productivity may require changes to overtime or headcount.

    • Subcontract - The SUBCONHRSPERDAY tab is used to plan for outsourcing when capacity is lacking.