Non-Production Purchasing in OnRamp

The non-production purchasing module in OnRamp is used to record and track purchases that do not go into production. For example, supplies for repairs and maintenance.

The Production > Purchasing folder contains screens and reports for non-production purchasing. Relevant screens can be found by following the click path or searching for the screen name or screen number.

Non-Production purchasing orders can be requisition forms or non-production purchase orders.

Requisition Forms

Use the Requisition Forms [S1594] screen to create a simple non-production purchase order, or requisition form.

The benefits of the requisition form are simplicity and the approval process. However, each detail line can only contain one quantity, part, and due date.

Also, requisition forms do not create GL transaction receipts in OnRamp.

Non-Production Purchase Orders

Use the Non-Production Purchase Orders [S1925] screen to create a spot non-production purchase order, or a blanket non-production purchase order.

The benefit of the non-production purchase order is that you can create one order with multiple quantities and due dates and the items ordered create receipts in OnRamp.

Non-production purchase order receipts create GL transactions.