Pack Subcontract Shipments

Use the Pack Subcontract Shipment [S1153] screen to pack subcontract parts to be shipped.

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To pack subcontract shipments:

  1. Navigate to the Pack Subcontract Shipment [S1153] screen.

  2. Select the desired Vendor and Shipper.

  3. Enter the desired information. Alternately, you can scan the bar code on the work order to fill out the shipment form.

  4. If required, add the container information and click Add Container.

  5. When the packing record is ready, click Pack.


You have packed the parts to be shipped to the subcontractor.


  • To add a copy of the work order document, click to launch the File Picker app.

  • If you scan the bar code on the work order, the work order document will be added to the record automatically.