Audit Vendor Performance

Use the following procedure setup audits for vendors.


Before creating the audit, if you are using vendor performance metrics you require:

  • Vendor Performance settings, added on S1094


Once the vendor metrics have been set, you must setup the vendor performance audit on the Audit Master [S1216] screen.

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Example Vendor Audit

Setting up the vendor performance audit:

  1. On Audit Master, add a new Audit Code with a type of VEND.

  2. On the Audit Detail frame, add a group item for Vendor Metrics.

  3. Add questions for the vendor performance metrics by assigning the questions a vendor performance calculation code and then associating the question to the Vendor Metrics group. Be sure to add the desired weight and threshold.

    Note: You do not have to use all the automated vendor performance metrics. Only use metrics that you can ensure are accurate.

  4. If desired, you can add a second audit group item for other questions that will determine the vendor score. With things like: vendor cost saving, freight costs, responsiveness, certifications, and other relevant vendor information.

Once you have created the audit groups and assigned the questions, the audit setup is complete.

Scheduling the Vendor Performance Audit

Next, schedule the audit and select the person that will perform it.

Example Vendor Audit Schedule

To schedule the audit:

  1. Navigate to Vendor Audit Scheduling and History [S2536].

  2. Select the audit code.

  3. Add the vendor to be audited and the number of audits to perform per year.

  4. Add other information as desired.

  5. Tto schedule the next audit for the vendor, click Add Next Schedule.

The audit will now appear for the reviewer on Perform Audit [S1667].

Performing the Vendor Audit

Use the Perform Audit [S1667] screen to perform the vendor audit.

Once the audit is scored and finalized, it will appear on Vendor Master > Performance. Here, you can also see the overall performance, and the date and person that performed the last audit.

Vendor Audit Reports

Use Vendor Overall Performance [R3191] to view a summary of the vendor audit performance. This report will give you the dollar amount of product from the vendor for the last 12 months, a forecast for the next 12 months, the vendor overall performance, who performed the last audit, and when it was performed.


  • To schedule audits for multiple vendors at once, on Vendor Audit Scheduling and History [S2536], use the Select column to select the desired vendors and click the Add Schedule for Selected button.