Manually Issue a Vendor Release

Use the Issue Vendor Schedule Release [S1254] screen to manually issue a vendor schedule release.

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To issue a vendor release:

  1. Navigate to the Issue Vendor Schedule Release [S1254] screen.

  2. Select the desired Vendor.

  3. Click Run MRP.

  4. Click Load.

  5. On the desired purchase orders, select Release.

    Tip: To select all the purchase orders, click Select All.

  6. Enter the desired information.

  7. In the MRP Suggested Schedule, set the Release Quantity, Due Date, and Status.

  8. Click Create.

  9. In Created Documents, click Finalize.


You have added a created a vendor release. To send the release to the vendor, open Vendor Schedule Release Inquiry [S1249].


  • To preview and download the release, in the Release Filename field, click .
  • Internal Comments will not be seen by the vendor, while external comments are printed on the vendor release.

  • If the Auto Schedule Profile Code assigned to the vendor has the Auto-Finalize field is set to Yes, the vendor schedule release is processed automatically during the OnRamp overnight processes.