Internal Deviations

In OnRamp you can request, track, and approve internally created work order process deviations.

Internal deviation requests are added on Internal Deviation Form [S2725].

Once the deviation form is added, the form is submitted to the selected teams for approval. Approvals, or rejections, are processed on Approve Internal Deviation Form [S2726].

Rejected deviation forms are returned to Internal Deviation Form [S2725] with a status of Pending. These forms need to be updated and re-submitted.

You can then print the approved forms and attach them to the original work order.

Reported deviations can be reviewed on the new Work Order Inquiry [S1100] > Deviation tab.

Note: The deviation forms are currently only used to inform. While the deviation may require added work from work centers, the demand hours and earned hours are still listed under the original work center.

Deviation Workflow

Below is the internal deviation workflow:

  1. Work order requires a deviation.

  2. Operators add an internal deviation for the part and the work order number.

  3. After entering in all the required data, the form is reviewed.

  4. Completed forms are submitted to the approving teams. At least one team must be set to Yes under Submit To.

  5. The approving team reviews the form and rejects or approves it.

  6. Both rejected and approved forms notify the submitter that the form has been actioned:

    • Rejected forms move to a Pending state and are returned to the submitting team.

    • Approved forms move to an Approved state and should be processed as per the requested deviation.