Shop Work Order

A work order is a multi-page document that provides information to production staff that is required to manufacture a part. The work order document also includes areas that allow staff to record certain information about that process.

Work orders must contain the following information:

  • What part is being made?

  • How many are to be made?

  • When do they have to be completed by?

  • What component parts or materials are needed?

  • How and where do we make it in the shop?

  • What quality control checks are required?

  • Related information, such as press settings, inspection steps, etc.

The first page lists details about:

  • the work order, number of parts, and when it is due

  • the part used

  • any subcontractor information

  • the bill of materials

  • and the routing summary

Other pages will be specific to each part routing operation, displaying detailed information for each operation.

Considering the work order settings, a completion work order label may be printed to be affixed to the part along with any part drawings that would help production staff better understand what needs to be done.

Work Order Detail

First Page

On page 1, we have the following:

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Routing Operation Detail Pages

Added Information

When printing a work order, you can select to print the work order with tags/ labels and attached part drawings to assist the production staff.