OnRamp comes with a notification system that contacts you when certain things happen in the system. These notifications are currently in the form of email, OnRamp Chat notifications, SMS text messages, or OnRamp Android App notifications. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from these notifications.

While OnRamp comes prepackaged with many notifications, you can create one for your environment or request that one be made.

You can also add site-specific validation for screen fields. These validations can be added for multiple reasons. For example:

  • Add a validation to prevent certain users from running applications.

  • Add a validation to prevent fields from having values outside a certain range.

With validations, when users are entering data, or using certain screens, they will get a warning message detailing what they are doing and why they are getting the notification.

All notifications, including validation notifications, are created on Notification Master [S2840] with SQL Queries. For assistance in creating validations, please contact OnRamp support through the application.


To create a new notification, users should:

  • Know how to create SQL queries.

  • Have a user group assigned that contains full privileges to the IT activity (28). For more information on user groups, see Manage User Groups

Notification Creation

Before setting up a notification, it's good to first know the following:

  • What are you being notified of?

  • When are you checking?

  • Who will need a notification?

  • When are you being notified?

Notifications are created on Notification Master [S2840].

Before we continue, you should know that:


  • Default OnRamp notification templates start with the code OR_.

  • Updates made to default OnRamp notifications may revert to their original state when the system is updated with a new release.

  • If you are unsure as to how to create a custom notification, contact OnRamp with your request by clicking on Help > Submit Support Ticket.

Subscribing to Notifications

The Subscribe to Notifications [S2841] screen enables system administrators to subscribe users to different types of email notifications based on what action has been triggered on a screen. System administrators can also create their own notification types on the Notification Master [S2840] screen.

Notification subscriptions are a great way to inform team members when certain data is entered into the system, which improves communication and process transparency.

OnRamp recommends that you have an end goal in mind before setting up your notification logic. A simple rule is:

  • Who is receiving the notification

  • What information are they receiving

  • When are they receiving it.

While it is possible to create your own notifications, please contact OnRamp support via Help > Submit Support Ticket in OnRamp to request a new notification be created for you. For more information, see Submit Support Requests.

As mentioned above, once the notifications are set up, users can subscribe to notifications on Subscribe to Notifications [S2841]. For more information, see Subscribe to Notifications.

For more information on how to assign users to receive notifications related to work centers, see Assign Users to Alert Groups.