Assign Users to Alert Groups

You can have users be notified when a work center shop monitor generates an alert.

To assign users to an alert group:

  1. On Local Codes [S1502], select the Code Group: WCShopAlertGroup.

  2. On the screen task bar, click Add and enter the code information.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Navigate to Work Center Master [S1019] to select the desired work group.

  5. On the screen task bar, click Edit and select the desired Shop Alert Group.

  6. Open Subscribe to Alert Group Notifications [S4059] and select the desired User.

  7. On the desired group, click Subscribe.

  8. Finally, on Subscribe to Notifications [S2841], select the user under Notifications For.

  9. Subscribe to the desired notifications. For example:

    • OR_MAINT_DAILY_PENDING - Notifies the selected user when a Maintenance WO is created as a result of tasks not being completed on a Daily or Shiftly PM.

    • OR_SA_MAINTENANCE - Notifies the selected user when a MAINTENANCE Shop Alert happens.

    • OR_WCS_DOWN - Notifies the selected user when work centers are down.

    Note: Your OnRamp instance may have other notifications that you need to subscribe to.

  10. On the Subscribed Notifications frame, select the desired notification.

  11. Click Edit.

  12. Review the notification parameters, such as the filter, frequency, pattern, and delivery type.

    Tip: Select the ImResponsible option under filter to only be notified of issues that happen to work centers that you have subscribed to on step 7.

  13. Click Save.


  • Notifications are sent based on the subscription parameters. For example:

    • For the notification OR_WCS_DOWN

    • A Frequency of 1

    • Pattern of Working_Days

    • From Time - To Time for your shift

    • Filter of ImResponsible

    A new notification will be sent on the hour, every hour, while a work center you are subscribed to is down and you are working.

  • You can create custom filters with SQL expressions.