Change Password Requirements

Use the Manage OnRamp Global and User Access Rules [S1050] screen to specify how OnRamp handles outside access from a list of IPs to your OnRamp instance, enable Google authentication via the Google Authentication app, specify password criteria, set the number of days before password expiry, and synchronize usernames with your active directory.

These settings are globally for all accounts that access your instance but you can also modify the settings by user.

Manage OnRamp Global and User Access Rules [S1050] is also the location where you force user password resets, or reset and email a temporary password to a user.

Important Note: This screen may be password protected and should only be accessed by the system administrator.

To define the requirements for password strength:

  1. Navigate to the Manage OnRamp Global and User Access Rules [S1050] screen.

  2. Toggle the desired settings: Min PW Char Length, Must Contain Upper Case Chars, Must Contain Lower Case Chars, Must Contain Numbers, Must Contain Symbols.

  3. Click Save.


You have updated the password requirements for all users.

To manually define the password strength:

You can also manually set the password requirements via regex. To do this:

  1. On the Manage OnRamp Global and User Access Rules screen, on PW Requirement Type, select Manual Regex Definition.
  2. In the Min Req OnRamp Password Regex field, enter the desired regex .
  3. Click OK.