Subscribe to Notifications

Use the Subscribe to Notifications [S2841] screen to subscribe to notifications and to edit the notification delivery options.


Before subscribing to a notification, you require:

  • Users

To subscribe to a work center group, you require work center groups. For more information on how to create and assign alerts, see Assign Users to Alert Groups.

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To subscribe to a notification:

  1. Navigate to the Subscribe to Notifications [S2841] screen.

  2. On the Notifications For menu, select the desired user.

  3. In the Subscribe column, click Subscribe >> on the desired notification.

  4. (Optional) Select the subscription on the Subscribed Notifications frame.

  5. On the screen task bar, click Edit to update desired fields.

  6. Click Save.


You have subscribed to a notification and updated the delivery options.


  • To unsubscribe, click Unsubscribe on the desired notification.

  • Adding a removed subscription will reset the delivery options to the default settings.