OnRamp Vendor Portal

The OnRamp Vendor Portal was designed and developed to make it easier for you to manage your interactions with customers that use OnRamp. The OnRamp Vendor Portal allows you to manage the information your customer has on file for your company, such as:

  • Your company and employee information

  • Your company capabilities and certificates

  • Your delivery schedule, calendar, and packing slips

  • Your supplied parts

There are also dashboards to help you monitor key information at a glance.

For more information on how to use and navigate OnRamp, review the following help topics located under Getting Started in OnRamp:

Vendor Portal Screens

In the Vendor Portal, you have the following screens available, each with its own functionality:

Vendor Portal Reports

In the Vendor Portal, you also have the following reports:

  • Review Current Pricing - allows you to review, export, print, and email your price list, including minimum quantities, base price, and ordered amount for your parts to the customer.

  • Review Outstanding Firm Orders - allows you to review, export, print, and email the outstanding firm orders sent to you.

  • Review Delivery Performance - allows you to review, export, print, and email a record of your delivery performance, detailing how many of the parts orders were delivered early, late, or on time to your customer.

  • Review Open MDRs - allows you to review, export, print, and email a list of MDRs that have been created for material supplied to your customer and require corrective action.

Altogether, these screens and reports, plus the Vendor Dashboard, will allow you to take a more pro-active approach in managing your relationship with your customer.

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