Work Instructions

Create and use PowerPoint presentations as work instructions in OnRamp. Once the presentation file (or slide deck) is created, you can assign it to a part routing operation, a work center, or a machine. These files can be used to inform operations with:

  • 5S instructions

  • cleaning instructions

  • inspection instructions

  • operation steps

  • preventative maintenance

  • setup instructions

These work instructions are created in a one-to-one ratio, where one work center, part routing, or machine gets one group of instructions, like:

  • Work Center - setup instructions; clean-up routine; power-up procedure

  • Part Routing - quality inspection; operation steps

  • Machine - setup instructions; preventative maintenance

This is done to simplify searches and improve operator efficiency.

Creating Work Instructions and Groups

Work instructions are created based on PowerPoint files, which are uploaded on PowerPoint Manager [S2813]. Once the file is created and uploaded via PowerPoint Manager, you can add the slide deck to a work instruction group on screen 2837.

Work instructions can also be created on Express Work Instruction [S1090] from a local PowerPoint file. Creating an instruction record this way will also automatically create a work instruction group and add the instruction to the respective routing, work center, or machine record.

Setting Work Instructions

Work instructions are set on Work Center Master [S1019], Routing Detail [S1014], and Machine Master [S1161].

Viewing Work Instructions

Once the instructions are assigned to their locations, you can scan the bar code on OnRamp work orders to view the instructions on Work Instruction Viewer [S2838].

To view work instructions on the Main Menu > Documents tab, add the PowerPoint files to DSR.