Vendors in OnRamp

Vendors are defined as any person, or company, that you purchase from. This can be any supplier you contact for purchases, such as the companies that supply raw material for your production line, the manufacturers of the tools and machines you use, or the store where you purchase office supplies.

Vendor reports and screens can all be found in sub-folders located within the Production > Purchasing folder along with purchasing screens. Relevant vendor-specific setup screens can be found by following the click path, or searching for the screen name or screen number:

You can also add extended comments or notes regarding vendors on Vendor Notes [S1593].

Vendor Release Scheduling

Schedule your vendor purchases and deliveries with a vendor release. The vendor release documents are sent to the vendor at a set frequency, for example: weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., to make a purchase order for raw materials or parts supplied to you by that vendor.

OnRamp allows you to set up automated release profiles, which are applied to any vendor, along with different screens and reports to review the vendor's release pattern and the average time between the purchase order and the delivery, or transit days, to help you keep ahead of inventory shortages. All these values are assigned to the vendor on the Vendor Master [S1094] > EDI/ Vendor Schedules tab.

Vendor Release Scheduling screens are found under the Production > Purchasing > Production Purchasing > Vendor Schedules:

  • Automated Vendor Release Profile [S2080] - use this screen to create, edit, or delete, vendor Auto Schedule Profile Codes. This profile specifies on which days of the week the vendor release schedule will automatically be sent to the vendor.

  • Vendor Release Patterns [S2215] - use this screen to create, edit, or delete, vendor Schedule Patterns.

  • Vendor Release Transit Days [S2216] - use this screen to create, edit, or delete, the vendor Default Transit Pattern. This is the number of days that it will take for vendor items to leave their location and arrive at your receiving dock.

  • Issue Vendor Schedule Release [S1254] - use this screen to manually issue a vendor release for vendors with a Vendor Release Profile Code that has the Auto-Finalize flag set to No.

Vendor Contacts

Once the vendor is set up, you can associate vendor contacts to the vendor, that is staff that work for, or represent, the vendor. This is done on the Vendor Contacts [S1257] screen.

Vendor Parts

Before creating a purchase order, but after adding the vendor, you must create a record with the information of what part you will purchase from the vendor. This is a vendor part and you can add this record on the Vendor Part Master [S1148] screen.

Vendor Performance

You can track vendor performance in OnRamp which allows you to score your vendors based on your own defined key performance indicators (KPI). .