Notification Fields

This reference document details the more complex fields available when creating notifications.


The type field indicates when OnRamp queries the database to see if the data meets the notification criteria:

1 - The query runs at specific time intervals.

2 - The query runs when an event triggers. Notifications with this Type require that a trigger be set up on the Notification Triggers frame.

3 - The query is called by an OnRamp application. This options is only used by OnRamp created notifications.

Record Limit

The field sets the number of records to display in the notification. The default value is 20.


The user group must have at least view privileges to the selected security activity to have access to this notification. For more information on user groups, see Manage User Groups.

Frequency and Pattern

Frequency and Pattern together set when notifications are sent.

If the Pattern is WEEKLY, the Factor is used to set the day of the week where Monday = 1 - Sunday = 7.

Add a From Time and To Time to limit the notifications to a certain time of the day.

Notifications triggered outside of these parameters will still be sent once the next valid notification period starts.

Default Delivery

Toggle the default delivery method for the notification: Email.


Defines the data that is pulled to produce a list of records.

For queries that require a floating date, such as records for the current day, you can add the values from business info {businfo:xyz} where xyz is the name of the value. For example, adding the value {businfo:TODAY} to the query will make OnRamp pull records for the current date.

The list of available business info values can be found on Business Info [S1824] > Group: FIXEDVALUE.

Message Subject and Body

When sending an email, this will be the subject line and the first part of the body of the email.

Message Body per Record

This field is where you set how the information per record will appear under the email body set above. The queried field names must be in braces, or {field_name}. For more information on how to find the field names, see About This Field Screen.

Actions / Query and Message Variables frame

This frame has two tabs:

  • Message Actions - you can set certain actions to be taken when a notification is generated and what message to display.

  • Query and Message Variables - you can review available message variables. The two most important pieces of information is who changed it and when. This is {trigger:username} and {trigger:timestamp}, respectively.

Notification Triggers frame

For Type 2 notifications, this frame is where you set the type of trigger that will call the query that generates the notification.

There are two types of trigger:

  • Type 0 - When a screen event occurs.

  • Type 1 - When a process with a specific ID is run.

Based on the selected trigger type, this will populate the other listed fields with available options, like a trigger that happened whenever a record on a certain screen is added, or when a certain process is run.

Notification Filter Choices frame

This frame allows you to set up a filter for the query to include or exclude certain information.

Notification Attachments frame

This frame allows you to add attachments to the notification.